Saturday, May 22, 2010

California, Spring 2010

I went straight from India to California for work. I had left myself a buffer day to catch up on sleep and get over jet lag before I started my work events, so I did a bit of sightseeing. I'm thankful to my brother, who had travelled here before and was able to tell me what was interesting to do and see in the area. I wish I could have seen more, but I did want to catch up on work emails in the morning and just kind of take it easy, especially as I had to wait up late at night for my luggage, as it hadn't made it to Oakland on my flight.

I wasn't far from Bodega Bay, the site where they filmed Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, so I checked that out--saw a bird, a huge raven nearby, among all the Turkey Vultures in the area--and also got to see some seals, but I couldn't get good photos of them. I mostly just saw their noses, but it was still cool because I'd never seen them in the wild before. Anyway, I don't have too much to say, but the California coast is definitely growing on me. I would have loved to sit down on some craggy cliff and write poetry, but it was really cold and windy that day, so I'd hop out of the car, pop a few photos, and keep on driving!

OK, I'm going to try to embed this album right in this post!

California Work 2010

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