Saturday, June 2, 2012

Costa Rica photos 2012

Here is my first album of photos!  There are some missing from my trek on horseback as we saw a frog and butterfly sanctuary after, but somehow I uploaded those to my Nicaragua album by accident, and I'm not so adept with Picasa to know how to fix it and get them in the right album, so you'll have to wait for those ones.  And I'll label them accordingly in the Nica album so you know :o)  As always, make sure to click on the album itself so that you can see the enlarged photos, not just the thumbnails.  This album alone took me about 3 hours to work on including editing and posting time, just so you know why it's hard for me to post these right away because I do need a good chunk of time to do a decent job.  Thanks for your patience!

Costa Rica 2012

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