Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pakistan 2012 photos

Here are some random photos from my trip to Pakistan.  I went to Ichira market briefly, mainly to just see it as well as to get a temporary nose stud to replace the one that got accidentally taken out of my nose that I wasn't able to get back in!  It was a strange experience getting the new one.  We went to a jeweller that my mom and Asif knew in the market, but as the call to prayer had just ended, he had already gone off to the mosque for afternoon prayers and had closed up shop.  So we were recommended to another shop, only when we arrived there, it wasn't a jewellery shop but what looked to be a drug store with shampoos and other beauty products.  But, the guy did have nose studs!  He used some sort of numbing spray on my nose, which was such a relief after all the trauma my nose had gone through trying to get my old stud back in and then wearing an earring in it instead to keep the hole open.  He used nail clippers to shorten the post until it fit inside my nose, but then he took a pair of needle-nose pliers and curled the end of the post into a double loop so it wouldn't fall out.  The only question I had was, how do I get it out?  The guy said you just remove it with nail clippers!  And if you're worried I took photos of this process, don't worry.  I wouldn't gross you out like that.  This story is all you get.

Meanwhile, if you want another description of Ichira market written in great Penglish, I highly recommend clicking on the hyperlink in this sentence.

Pakistan 2012

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