Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An update on Sylhet

If you read my post on Battling Bangladesh, you'll know that I was curious to find out more about the relationship between Sylhet and the UK. I don't know what I didn't think at  the time to just look it up. With the Internet, there's really no excuse to wait because it's not like you have to go and find an encyclopedia, but in any case, here I am posting about it several months later after reading through my post and reminding myself that I was curious about it. I'm not so fond of using Wikipedia as the most accurate source of information, but for general information, it's usually pretty good. So I found out that Sylhet is a lot more significant than I realised, historically speaking. And it isn't a floodplain, although there are definitely more things produced there due to their supply of water and the climate of that part of the country. An interesting read, and I highly recommend taking the time to do so--just because it's fun to know!

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