Monday, May 28, 2012

Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica, May 11

Just having a lazy day today. I went to the beach in the morning - well, closer to midday - after securing my room in my next destination.  I'm happy they're even able to book my shuttle for me right to their location so I won't have to worry about that because booking online with Gray Lines, you have to know where you want to get on and off.  That doesn't make sense when you don't know the place you're going to and wouldn't know how to get around or where you'd be going.

The beach was great; the water is so warm, but the only thing I didn't like about it was that it was too sandy, but otherwise was fine to play in.  I wasn't able to get a lounging chair on the beach; turns out that random people on the beach rent them out, which is pretty ridiculous, so I pulled out my towel and found a shady spot farther back from the shore near the treeline.  The one problem with that, though, is that I ended up being way too close for comfort to far too many iguanas.  Well, really there was only one that scared me the most.  He appeared around 5 feet away from me at first and was in search of food as he was looking around in some holes for food but didn't seem to find whatever he was looking for.  He would inch closer from time to time, and I started to get a bit nervous.  Iguanas are not slow-moving creatures, and looking at their scaly, spiky tails is spooky, knowing you could get whipped with it, and I bet that would really hurt.  Eventually he went around me, and it soon became evident that he was not afraid of people as one of the touts renting out chairs dragged a couple of them right past the lizard, maybe no more than an inch or two away, and he just stood there and waited until the chairs passed.  Then he started making his way toward me again, and I was not amused.  Finally he decided to go around me again when he spotted a hibiscus flower that someone had thrown down with the hopes of attracting him to take a good photo, and then he decided it was a good time to go back up a tree.  I was happy about that, too.  As for hibiscus flowers, apparently this is one of the iguana's favourite foods.

I came back, showered, stopped at the bakery and heladería (ice cream shop) for a smoothie and came back to the hotel to eat and write.  I discovered they do have wifi here, but the signal is poor, and it only seemed to be available in the central dining area, not in the rooms themselves.  I guess it's better than nothing.  The next place I know for sure has it, so I'll be able to stay connected to the world a little better.  For the safety, if nothing else, it's better I not disconnect completely.

My only other plan is to get my hair washed at a salon.  They only have cold water at the hostel, so I don't want to stand in the cold water for that length of time.

I had wanted to go to this salsa place tonight, but I don't want to go alone.  Maybe I'll yet find someone to go with from the hostel.

Around mid-afternoon, I was writing and texting in the dining room and got to talking to a couple from Montreal, to guy originally from France.  We chatted the whole evening away, and they were kind enough to let me join them for supper at the soda (small, outdoor food venues in Costa Rica) they'd been eating at since they arrived in Quepos, called Soda Tiquico.  The food was great and 1/3 of the price of the tourist restaurants.  Too bad I couldn't spent more time with them as they seemed like a really nice couple, but I was already going to leave the next day.

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