Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quepos, Costa Rica, May 9

And the rain and the thunder take over again.  I'm lucky I haven't been caught outside yet.  It does cool the air, though, and that's really pleasant.  That's what made it comfortable to go for a walk and find some lunch this afternoon.  I landed at a place called Dos Locos.  Most of the food there was actually Mexican and not cheap, by my standards.  The cheapest thing on the menu was the traditional Tico meal, called "casado." It's a mix of steak or chicken with rice, beans, and veggies.  It was really tasty and only about 3800 colones, which is about the equivalent of about $4.

After that I walked down to the ocean.  It's quite close.  I thought I'd be able to sit on the beack, but it's all rocks and trees, if it's not docks, from what I can see.  I had been planning to read, but there wasn't a comfortable spot to be found.  I did find a broken cement bench, so I sat there for a bit but got paranoid that bugs were lurking or that birds would fly into the trees above and poop on me (personal experience with such events makes me paranoid now!).  However, the ocean was still soothing, vast, and seemingly endless.  And so does the rain seem now.

Quepos must be quite small.  I watched people go by as I was eating lunch.  Many people seemed to know each other, greeting as they passed by.  Life seems pretty laid back here, overall.  There is also an expat community, and some of them were gathered at the restaurant, which I realised later when reviewing my Lonely Planet again that it is indeed a popular hangout for the local expat population.  They gave me the same impression as some of the expats in Bangkok, like they were here because they don't want to grow up.  I don't know if I should be disturbed or applaud them.

The one downside of this hostel is that there are no TVs in the roomds.  I hadn't thought of that, and since I'm alone and planning on spending evenings in where I'm safe, unless I meet some other travellers, this is not very good.  I guess it's good that I've got some writing I can do, and this does take up some time.  Still, I'm relishing not having any responsibility or plan.

One of the things I like about the developed tourism industry in CR is the fact that they have a great transportation system if you are able to pay for it.  You can get shuttle buses that take you from one city to the next, picking you up right from where you're staying and dropping you off at your next accommodations.  Everywhere I stayed, people made the reservations for me for those buses as well, so I didn't have to pay for calls at my hotel or hostel.  I arrived at my hostel in Quepos through this method.  The journey wasn't too bad, starting in a small van with about 4 other passengers, and then we stopped at a place called Limonal for a bathroom break and a snack, where I had to switch to a really large van that had other passengers going to Quepos or nearby Manuel Antonio.  The pit stop ended up being more exciting than I thought because there were several macaws in a couple of the mango trees behind the restaurants.

The landscape really surprised me--aside from the tropical vegetation and hills, I didn't expect there to be so much pastureland with cattle, horses, and bull statues.  The other thing I noticed is that every little town even has their one Chinese restaurant.  I thought it was hysterical.

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