Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Travelling--but this time, it's all for fun!

What happens when I have free time and some spare cash?  I go travelling!  It's the best way to spend both.  The experiences are incomparable, and what I learn is more valuable to me than anything else I can buy with money.

I'm travelling solo to new countries where I don't know anyone for the first time in my life.  I just bought my ticket to Costa Rica, picked up a Lonely Planet guide, and decided to wing it, booking only my first and last nights in the country and allowing myself to be blown by the wind the rest of the time.

Some people think it's brave, and I guess it is in some ways.  I probably wouldn't have done something like this about 10 years ago, but now that I've lived in Mexico and travelled all over the place, I feel pretty calm and confident about the whole thing.  You might be wondering why I'm doing this.  You might be thinking I just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love.  I haven't ever read that book and don't intend to.  I'm not trying to find myself.  I am not lost.  I'm not trying to find anyone else, nor is anyone trying to find me.  And that's what I like about it.  This trip is just a moment to relax, to have no responsibilities, and to do it in a tropical climate.  I'm really just at the beginning of my trip, but I envision days of reading on the beach, people watching from coffee shops while I drink locally produced and roasted coffee, learning about new cultures and seeing places I've never experienced.

I haven't even taken my laptop with me.  Why do I want to be slowed down in security lines and put myself at increased risk to be robbed while on the road?  I have my phone, and when I find a wifi connection, that's usually when I check email and Facebook, though in this case, my hostel doesn't have wifi, so I'm using their computer room to do a quick blog update.  Those of you that read my blog already know that I don't normally post pictures until I get home, and this time is no exception, especially as I haven't even got the possibility without my laptop with me.  Those of you that are new to my blog, please be patient and don't send me requests for photos ;o)  I do like to post the odd photo from time to time on Facebook when I do have wifi, photos I take on my phone for teasers for you.

I will try to update my blog from time to time while I'm away for these couple of weeks, but it's more likely that that brunt of them will be posted when I get home.  I brought a travel journal with me so I could keep track of everything and not forget details I want to write about. Happy reading!

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